About Rich

Just me and my camera out and about
Just me and my camera out and about

I’m an ex Texan, born in El Paso, last worked for RF Monolithics in Dallas in the electronics industry. I’ve retired in Patzcuaro, Michoacan in central Mexico. There is a small but growing expatriate community (American and Canadian) in the immediate area.

How did I get here you may ask? Well, I met my wife on the internet. Even though she is not native Mexican she fell in love with the area long before we ever met. Strange thing about this internation internet romance is that she is from Seattle. Go figure!

Well here I am and so now have to find out what to do with myself. I figure that I will take a few pictures, blog and little bit, and do pretty much what I gall darn please!


2 thoughts on “About Rich

    1. Yes, she did have a kind of artsy fantasy blog. She no longer seems to have that interest since the Modblog gang has mostly disappeared. She is on Facebook too but dreads the path of lack of privacy that it has taken. Her interests are reading as always but is now if much into reading ebooks on her Nook.

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