The Fog of War

One must question the wisdom of going to war at all. It is easy to have an emotional response to the wrongs that have been done to those less able to care for themselves. At the same time, we must be cautious about how to react to those conditions. In the case of Asad and Syria, a limited response will not address the problems that exist in his country. So, sad to say there must be a master plan to solve or at least contain the serious situation that exists in this part of the middle east. If it is to at least be contained it requires a large commitment to hold that ground and not expect instant results. It is a complex problem requiring tremendous resources.

The first step has been taken in the firing of the cruise missiles. That implies just a shot across the bow. Not enough to deter Syria from again bombing its citizens. Or threatening it neighbors. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, that being a deeper commitment on the part of the US to stay the course.


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