We Are All Immigrants

I’d like to think that we are all immigrants. The reason that I say this is because we or our forefathers all came from somewhere else. My grandparents came from Mexico so that struck me as personal. My grandmother on my father’s side was born in a small ranch in northern Mexico. She and grandpa moved to the US in 1910 to escape the violence that remained from the revolutionaries of that era. They were political refugees much like immigrants from other parts of the world that are seeking refuge in the US. Grandma Montoya’s sons were born in the United States and most went to serve the country in World War II. My Dad Andres was born in Stanton, Texas. He was among those we served in the war. That is why I got so upset when I first saw the person who has become President talk badly about immigrants from Mexico. He called them all criminals or racists!

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