The Mexico Disconnect

I am finding that sometimes living in Mexico has its drawbacks. I moved here in part because it is much cheaper than retiring in the US on a fixed income. Most medical expenses are a fraction of what they would be back home. But there are disadvantages to! When I got to Patzcuaro more than twelve years ago I found it a lovely provincial town a bit backward but because of my laid back lifestyle this was okay. So wiser and older i am having problems with the city’s lack of medical services and facilities for emergency care. There are no 24 hour urgent care clinics other than a poorly maintained state office. To go there would be like going to the stereotypical county hospital in the US where you would be told to take two aspirin and see your doctor in the morning!

Morelia, the Michoacan state capitol, is a little less than an hour away. They have excellent medical facilities and a state of the art hospital in Star Medica. The also have the medical specialists that Patzcuaro lacks. But in a life or death situation it may be too far away. If such should happen overnight it would be too dangerous to drive on the highway! Besides that, it is very costly, not as much as in the US but quickly approaching that.

So as the years go by I am rethinking the advantages and disadvantages of living out here in the boondocks. I still enjoy living here and some things are improving and hopefully this will include medical facilities and full time medical specialists.

Richard Montoya


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