Who’s on first?

From my far removed retirement home in Mexico I am looking at what is happening in US politics and ask my self? That followed by the question, who cares!

The way I see it, nobody really wins. The candidates both Republicans as well as Democrats are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Lets start with the Republicans.

Trump: He seems to think that it is a big joke, being the puppet master. Not giving a damn for all the grief that he is causing by stirring up hatred that has been simmering in American hearts. Oh, he is good a using all the fallacious logical arguments to demean the other candidates as well as any minority that he can use to get free publicity.

Then there are Cruz, and Carson, and the evangelical candidates that claim to speak in the name of religion but do not act in a Christ like manner. What would Jesus do?

As for the rest of the Republicans, they are mostly me too candidates.

Makes many think of not voting at all because of the choices. Problem is that if the Republicans win there is the probability that one or more extreme conservatives will be added to the Supreme Court! 


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