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  • colibrimhs

    Dec 20, 2014

    I went to the Beer Festival yesterday. It’s in the alley of the Once Patios in Patzcuaro. There are several booths with various microbreweries. A tasting (“cata”) is 10 pesos. One place had smaller tastings for 2 pesos. The representatives are generally very good at explaining the different brews, processes, what gives each one certain characteristics, etc. The guy from cervezeria Curicaveri (Patzcuaro) was especially knowledgable. They made a nice announcement and had some very nice music. I didn’t taste any of the food, but there were some interesting options. Hardy saw any extranjeros there – so hoping more come out today and tomorrow! This is a great thing to support. One of the first things I do when I go to the U.S. is seek out good microbrews. Nice to have some options here now. Buen provecho!

    —In, <dmhaun@…> wrote :

    International Beer Festival – Patzcuaro 2014
    Festival Internacional de la Cerveza
    December 19-21, 2014
    Plaza Grande, Patzcuaro
    Cervezas claras, obscuras, de sabores y texturas diferente, Festival Internacional de la cerveza – Patzcuaro 2014



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