Windows 10 Preview–Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Windows 10 Preview–Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

October 20, 2014October 20, 2014 ~ ricardomontoya ~ Edit

Just a warning for those that are totally disinterested in computer! You may not leave and look for a foodie blog or whatever you enjoy. The piece is about Windows operating systems.

My first acquaintance was with the Windows ME and this was way too cool for me. I was told that it had bugs but being a compute novice it did what I needed to do back then. I had loads of information on how to make it do what I wanted it to do. I started to notice little things that I did not care for such a its browser so I tried several browsers such as Mosaic the early Netscape Navigator.

Later I graduated to Windows XP, an operating system that I still like a lot but have stopped using. I have use Window 7 grudgingly but have to agree with many the it is more user friendly than what I had clung to, that is my XP system. I learned a lot more about computer by getting up close and personal with my computer. It guided me into the world of networking and hacking certain programs. Most of this was driven by my dislike for anything Microsoft put out. That is its Internet Explorer, Window Media and Hotmail. If there was some way to get around using MS I would find it and try it out. I never wanted to use the Windows Search. I put Mozilla Firefox on my computers and used Google Search to find all of my information on the web.

But alas first my old trusty Compaq computer loaded with Windows 7 died on me. I had to replace it with a new computer driven by Windows 8. It was klutzy and in Spanish. I could overcame the Spanish but not the klutzy part! And it was not even Windows 8.1!. Could not find my start button to get me places. My back up computer started to fail me to the point that I had to try to reinstall Windows XP on it but met with the your computer is running an illegal copy of Windows thing. Finally got it to run some how.

This was the end of my trying to stay behind with old operating systems on my computers. I had heard about Windows 10 Preview being available for download. Having heard that the as yet unreleased to the public Window 10 was a developmental project to be tested by interested users. Seem like Microsoft was finally get into a mode where it wanted feedback from users. The had with some would call failures with its Vista and Windows 8 releases. Most business users were still clinging to their Window XP on their machines. Window 10 started to look like a system that firsts of all can with a start button and things that desktop computer users favored. It was free to download for brave souls. And so I did.

It took several hours to download but the the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. I was not about to make the mistake of installing it on my main machine so I put the 32 bit version on an old slower experimental computer that I had in my shop. I had my doubt since it barely met the system requirements. But as I started the installation I was impressed with how smoothly the operation went! I was on a slow system so it hours to get through the process. Did not spend much time on it but after several day it was loaded. What pretty sight it was to see it boot up! I love the colors and after working with it for a couple of hours a day I was convinced that it was worth installing on my main machine. More on that installation on another blog.

So I am now using it on my main machine and learning to love it. Now if only the final release version turns out to be what we desktop computer user wish it to be is another question. So I am moving away from Windows XP, Windows 7, skipping Windows 8 and moving on to something new. Guess that you can teach and old dog new tricks!


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