If Windows XP support has stopped, why am I still getting updates?


If Windows XP support has stopped, why am I still getting updates?

That is a question that went through my mind as Microsoft bombarded me with requests to change to Window 8. With these also came the warning that support for Windows XP had ended. Seeing as the majority of business users remained a majority and refused to budge, I got all of my updates and made an image of the drive that contained XP. By making an image, that means that I made an identical image of my main hard drive and saved it on an external drive. By doing this I would be able to recreate the drive along with the XP operating system and programs and every thing else that was on it. I used the Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 Home software. It does a great job and is fairly easy to use for cloning computer drive.

Getting back to the question, I found the following informative article from CNET that attempts to answer  why those of us who still have Windows XP on our computers are still getting updates. I hope that you find this article useful.

Regards, Ricardo Montoya

Dear CNET members,

Happy Friday! And Happy Halloween for those of you who celebrate this day! Before I get started on this week’s topic, I just want to mention a couple things. I often get emails from our members thanking me for all the help, but the fact of the matter is, you, our members, are the ones who make it all happen. Without your voice, your knowledge, and your willingness to help someone out this newsletter and community would not exist. So a sincere thank you to all our readers and contributors! Now on to this week’s topic.

Ever since Microsoft XP support ended, I know many people have ditched XP and moved on, however I also know there are plenty of people who continue to use it. How do I know this? The simple fact that the CNET XP forum still ranks one of top 10 forums lets me know it’s alive and well. Now the question that member Stan has for us is if XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, why in the world is he still receiving update notifications? Is possible that someone has hijacked the Windows installation site and might be installing malware or a virus on his computer?

Well Stan, I don’t blame you one bit for being suspicious and I’m glad you did your due diligence to question these update notifications before just blindly allowing Windows to update; these days anything can be deceiving and it only take one bad move to ruin a good thing. The good news is your fellow members came through to let you know why you are still getting these updates. And if you look closely at the descriptions for these updates they more than likely aren’t for XP but other Microsoft applications or utilities. So have a read of all the answers provided and I’m sure by the time you are done, you’ll be able to put your concerns to rest. If any of you have any additional information you’d like to share with us on this topic, come in and join us. Thank you everyone and have a great weekend.

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Lee Koo
Lee Koo

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