Patzcuaro es muy especial – Patzcuaro is very special!


It is kind of strange how I got here in the first place. You see I am a Texas boy from the extreme west corner of the state. I could have been born in New Mexico or Mexico but for that matter of just a couple of miles. My grandparents on both side of my family got to the states by way of the northern border states of Mexico. This all happened between 1910 and 1020. So I am more comfortable in the desert instead of up in these mountains.

But as the title of this blog sez, Patscuaro is very special. When I first arrive here I though that it was quiet quaint colonial town and that is was so laid back that it would never make the jump to the 19th century much less the 20th. Mom and Pop stores had every thing that you needed. No traffic lights. Topes, bumps in the road, were the only things needed to control traffic, what little there was of it!

But then came I and other foreigners. Some would call us expatriates whether we can from Canada, the US, France or wherever. But expatriates sound more like we deserted our homelands which is not  the case. Far from it as we brought out homelands with us to try to implement them into our new homelands. But one cannot readily do that as Patzcuaro es muy especial!

When it finally jumped into the 20th century plastic started to create car ownership. Problem is that no one here seemed to any concept about traffic laws and even if they did they found it better to improvise. The first traffic lights went up resulting in the first multitude of traffic accidents. Drivers seldom stopped for a red traffic light. It has taken a while and lots of traffic accidents for the concept of traffic lights to take hold. Even now driver can jump the light or just go if the light is taking too long, or just because. My especial drivers!

But this is just to first of the very special attributes that belong to my fellow townspeople. I will be adding more this these as I get a chance to chance to think of them! They are not entirely to blame because the Gringos came (I include myself here) and tried to change their ways!

To be continued…



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