Road trip from Erongaricuaro! by David Haun

Road trip from Erongaricuaro! by David Haun

I returned to Austin Tuesday afternoon and found a cold front had moved into Texas.  It was only in the low 90’s instead of the previous day’s 106.   EEEK!  Get me back to Eronga, with temps in the 70’s. 

The drive from door to door was exactly 1000 miles and took a day and half. It was totally uneventful, which is the way car-trips should be.  I prefer driving solo, enjoying my peace and quiet, interspersed with listening to my current Recorded Book.  

Leaving Eronga, driving the slowest 17K in the world, with 35 topes, seemed like the longest part of the trip.   After Patzcuaro, around Morelia, it’s all 4-lane expressways and cuotas, until the last half mile to my place in Austin.  Spent the night in Monterrey at City Express, just past the entrance to the cuota, on the Monterrey Libre. 

Traffic on the cuotas was light and the military checks a farce. Even the x-ray, drive-throughs were closed.   

Several major Pemex/restaurants/rest areas that I noticed being construction last May are now completed. They are fabulous and many have free wi-fi.   

I saw no speed-checks and I tried to keep it around 75 mph, failing miserably, sometimes.  There were minor areas of construction, not worthy of mentioning,  and the 4-lane expressway over to Colombia, from Nuevo Laredo,  is nearly completed.  I am a “tourist” and was the only one in-line turning in my visa at Colombia, the only one turning in my auto permit, and the only one in-line on the American side, checking passports. 

When I mentioned spending 2 months on Lake Patzcuaro, the startled US Customs agent asked me if I was frightened.  I told her the Mexicans had more to fear from me, than I had to fear from them.  She actually cracked a smile.

I think the drive from Eronga to the Texas border is one of the most beautiful in the world. Thanks to the cuotas bypassing towns and cities, it’s mostly countryside all the way.  Gorgeous countryside! 

I stared at the forests of cactus, acres of agave and the abandoned sheds of the Chichimeca. I miss the woman, snake-skin sellers and their way of life. 

The spectacular cloud formations, resting on the grand vistas, with the beautiful terrain, left me breathless. I love Mexico.  

Feliz viaje, David 

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One thought on “Road trip from Erongaricuaro! by David Haun

  1. David manages and excellent Yahoo Group in the Michoacan area that is involved in the art and crafts in this area. But there is much more to this group so check it out!
    I found his story on the trip to Austin very interesting because ” I been there. Done that.”. I was gonna relate my own experience on my first trip to this part of Mexico but I will leave that for another blog. I really enjoyed his telling of the U.C. custom agent who asked if he was not afraid of living in Mexico. I guess I would fear customs agent with too much power! I think that David may have much more to say about his trips to the States and back.

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