My Return To Blogging


The photograph above is relevant only in the sense it shows a part of the border that separates the United States and Mexico. This is part of my connect and disconnect between both countries. I was born in the US side in El Paso, Texas. In the picture El Paso on the right hand side of the Rio Grand or Rio Bravo as it is called in Mexico where I now live. Since this story is really about me I must tell you that Newark Maternity Hospital, where I was born, is a little more than a stones throw from the Rio Grande. The river is that canal seen between the two countries. It would be easy to say that I could have been born on either side of the river but that would not be true. I will expand that later.

But I digress from the story that I am trying to tell. It should be somewhat about my love hate relationship with the US. That is putting it much stronger that I would actually state it but sounds better than calling it a lukewarm relationship with my home country.

So why did I leave? There were lots of reasons! First there was for love. Then I saw where the government was going and it was not where I wanted to be. Than there was work where I felt that I was just spinning my wheels. My health, etc. I’ve been in Mexico for more than nine years now and things are changing. So I am taking a fresh look am where I am in time and space. My attitude is going in a more positive direction and so that is what I will writing about to try and jump start my return to blogging.


4 thoughts on “My Return To Blogging

  1. It would be a shame if you don’t blog, Rich. You are a gifted person who straddles the Rio Grande in ways we would not be able to otherwise understand. I used to go to Mexico in 1952. We went almost every weekend. Mostly to buy booze. I wasn’t a drinker but the family I lived with in Tucson were and they bought their alcohol in Mexico. I got my first taste of tequila from going with them. And I didn’t know it and never smoked it but they got something down there and brought it back and smoked it and I can never forget the smell. It smelled exactly like burning rope to me. I still don’t know what it was but I have not been around that much and never smelled it before that or since. I ate some really great meals in that city in Mexico. I can’t even remember the name of the city now.

    1. I’ve kind of moved over from Blogger to WordPress because the old bloggers seem to favorite. I am still finding my way around. A for instance is that I did not see your comments here until I started to search for comments. Took a while be I am starting to get it! Maybe the town was Piedras Negras? That ‘weed’ that you smoked might have been that stuff that became popular for making ropes and clothes. I don’t remember its name. It think that they call it a senior moment. Oh no, that is a condition in which I sometime find myself 🙂
      Tequila can killya!
      I’m enjoying using WordPress to blog so that encourages me to keep on blogging. Thanks for you comments.

    1. The site brings to mind that my daughter and her husband vacation in Panama last year to get a feel for future retirement. The had nothing but praise for the place since it is very diverse. You can find different climates and economies there. Transportation almost anywhere is easy to do. There is a large American presence there too which can be a plus or a minus. The hardest part of their trip was after they got back to the US. In country they experience delay and problem traveling that were unbelievable! The arrived in Houston and it took them five hours before they got to Fort Worth. They could have driven there in about the same time!

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