Preservation of Patzcuaro

La conservación de Pátzcuaro debe ser parte de la agenda política: Adrián Iturbide


Conservacion de Patzcuaro

Above is a link to a very interesting and informative article about Enrigue Luft and the historic conservation of Patzcuaro. Because the article is in Spanish I would like to provide a brief summary as follows.

Last Friday tribute was given to Enrigue Luft for his effort to preserve the history and culture of Patzcuaro. It is noted that the city has been designated a prime tourist center been highly published as such the Pueblo Magico ads but the federal government. Those that really love Patzcuaro and its history have come to realize how trying to push the city into becoming a more modern city have hurt more than helped it destroying what it really should be. It should hold true to it’s history of old churches and a people that value it’s culture and traditions.

Enrique’s has realized in Patzcuaro the important work of restoration, conservation, and promotion of the rich culture and architecture of the city. And that is why he was honored.

He did not have kind words for what has become of the city and so we are admonished that the  conservation of Patzcuaro should part of the political agenda. There is so much more in this article that we should take note of, such as the criticism of the governments Pueblo Magic program but is you are interested please go to the actual article why does a great job of telling it like it is!

And if you don’t read Spanish maybe I can help translate a bit.

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