Patzcuaro – Where I Live

When I posted this blog much has changed. The danza de los viejitos which was performed daily is now only seen on weekends.Many of the churches have been restored but not so much to their former selves but instead to what one may more properly call a remodeling or sprucing up. Good thing that the weather brings much of the weather look back. Where there used to be only about fifty Americans living here there are now over two hundred living around the lake including some Canadians and other nationalities. The two main plazas have been redone and the job made them very inviting places to stroll through and spend time. There is a lot more traffic on the streets and we now even have traffic light and American style box stores. So these are the signs of progress in Patzcuaro! In spite of the community losing its charm it is still a good place to live or visit.

I want my readers to know a little bit about of where I live. Patzcuaro is a colonial town in central Mexico. It is at about 7,200 feet elevation. It looks down on Lake Patzcuaro and its islands. It appears to be a serene community caught in time. Probably not too many Americans live here, perhaps as many as fifty. But it is quickly changing, slowly catching up with the rest of Mexico and the rest of the world.

Pictured below is La Danza de los Viejtos, the dance of the old folks. This takes place in the larger of the two main squares, La Plaza Grande.

    The next photo is still in the Plaza Grande and includes the musicians.       Below are indigenous musicians and some tourists in front of the Gran hotel by the other plaza, La Plaza Chica.       This is a view of the Plaza Grande.
    There are many old churches in Patzcuaro such as the one below. Many date back more the five hundred years.
    This is another of these ancient churches.
    And here is a few from the front of the church.

I hope that this give you all some idea of the place I now call home. It is very different from the hustle and bustle of Dallas, Texas where I used to work. A much slower pace exists here.


One thought on “Patzcuaro – Where I Live

  1. It looks like a beautiful place. I can hear the music now and I can smell the smells of the life there. I was only in Nogales, Mexico in 1952 when I was staying with a young couple in Tucson.

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